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You love the Hamptons style. You love the casual, bright, easy feeling. Surprisingly, while it looks effortless, it can be really difficult to pull off

Get your myHamptons Builder Pack

If you're like most Hamptons lovers, you've probably wondered:

  • What's the right floorboard? Just a few millimetres makes all the difference.
  • Which of the 6,000 Dulux whites is the right white?
  • Which is the right grey? Too white or too dark and you'll lose the Hamptons feel.
  • Which bench top shall I choose?
  • Which shower head says Hamptons best?

These are the secrets Interior Designers know but... what if you don't want to pay for expensive interior design by you still want the expensive Hamptons look?

Well, we've solved the problem for you. Our professional Interior Designer, with over 10 years experience has created luxury Hamptons rooms...

...Like this

...And this

Get your myHamptons Builder Pack

...And this

This same Designer has put together a pack that gives you everything you need to create your Hamptons home with:

  • Zero fuss
  • Low cost
  • Easy access to materials
  • No big designer price tag

“The attention to detail has been first rate. Yelda is very easy to work with and explains every little detail in terms we can understand. We would absolutely
recommend her and already have. Excellent service and great results."

— Anna & John, Chadstone

Introducing myHamptons Builder Pack

  • 6 Hamptons internal and external paint colours, images, by brand, name and where to buy
  • Taps, toilets, sinks, basins, showers and a bath, colour or finish, images, by  brand and where to buy
  • Benchtop colour, brand and edge profile, images and where to buy
  • Interior Designer quality specification sheets for your builder
  • BONUS FREE Little Black Book of Renovating e-book
  • BONUS FREE Bathroom and Kitchens Checklist

Renovators think that renovation is painful, difficult, expensive and marriage testing and it can be, especially when you consider how many decisions need to be made in any renovation, let alone a Hamptons renovation

Did you know there are 199 decisions to be made in the average renovation?

If you're renovating in the Hamptons style, you can add another 50 you already have to make and many of these decisions without experience in this style can be easily overlooked.

“Yelda worked tirelessly and went above and beyond expectations with her attention to detail and unparalleled energy.
There was a strict budget to adhere to and she needed to stick to some basic builders range products, and despite this, she has created a concept which exceeds my expectations. "

— Peter Nanfra, East Malvern

This is for you if:

  • You're an owner-builder
  • Renovating with a builder
  • Knocking down and re-building
  • Doing a bathroom renovation
  • Doing a kitchen renovation
  • Or a cosmetic renovation

You could spend thousands of dollars but you may not end up with the look you want and the stress you'll go through. How will you feel when you're finished renovating and your home isn't what you wanted it to be?

The easy way around all those difficulties is to get an Interior Designer but this it is expensive to hire someone on a one on one project. But you can also get a list of materials from a Designer that gives you exactly the right specifications for floorboards, paint colours and all the guesswork is left out. You can guarantee you're going to get the precious Hamptons look you deserve.

The problem is you have to go to different suppliers to pull all that together.

Well, we've done all that for you in this one pack.

This is a Hamptons shopping list

  • It means that you've saved 14 weekends of time scouring homeware suppliers for just the right Hamptons tap, the right Hamptons floorboard, the right Hamptons bench top, the right Hamptons shower head, the right Hamptons paint colours and so much more...
  • It means you have saved 194,000 minutes of time
  • It means you can watch your kids' Saturday sport without guilt
  • It means you can rest on the weekends instead of hitting the stores looking
  • It means your husband can have his downtime
  • It means peace, more you time, more fun and who doesn't need more of that?


Buy myHamptons Builder Pack now

Yes I want the paint colours, the tapware, the shower selection, the benchtop AND I want the $3,500 in bonuses too! The Little Black Book of Renovating and the Bathroom and Kitchens Checklist too!

Yes, I want the myHamptons Builder Pack

About Yelda

Hey there! I'm Yelda (the Designer behind A Sense of Style Interiors and CEO of Pinnacle Residential)

I practice my passion for interior design and decoration by typically undertaking full home renovations. Beginning with a detailed meeting and interview with clients, the first step is to develop a concept for the space whose main purpose is to give clients a feel of how the space will look and feel.

I then move onto sketching floorplans and elevations of the space, including location of cabinets, mirrors, tiles, showers, mixers and everything else. Then the finishes are selected, consulting with clients to ensure the design is evolving into what they needed and wanted. Finally, all selections and construction drawings are documented for tendering.

The best part? The reveal, where my clients see that their beautiful dream has become reality and do you know what - It's so much better than they imagined and that's the best reward of all.

But there was a better way for my clients

So I came up with my Hamptons renovation pack.  You get all these decisions made for you.  You’ll get an image, the supplier link and dimensions of all these pieces.  It’s a Hamptons shopping list!

Paint Colours

6 Hamptons internal and external paint colours, images, by brand, name and where to buy

Plumbing Fixtures

Taps, toilets, sinks, basins, showers and a bath by images, by brand, name and where to buy


Benchtop with images, by brand, name and where to buy

The Specifications

Specification sheets including images, by brand, name and where to buy

“Yelda goes to great lengths to understand the brief and deliver accordingly. Her sense of client service is first class and she understands style. We gave Yelda a brief to deliver 'understated elegance'. We wanted a home that was modern and stylish yet was understated enough to allow normal family life to easily co-exist within the beautiful surrounds. She has delivered in spades;- from the practical design of the kids' study area to the elegant yet completely functional kitchen right through to the new take on the old formal lounge room. And the use of creative lighting ideas to create different moods throughout the house is simply brilliant. "

— Michael, Mont Albert.

Your myHamptons Builder pack BONUSES! More than $3,000 in value


Little Black Book of Renovating e-book

Value $2,500

Your myHamptons Builder pack BONUSES! More than $3,000 in value


Bathroom and Kitchens Checklist

Value $1,500

That's more than $3,500 in free gifts when you buy myHamptons Builder Pack

So, just to recap, here's what you get when you buy the myHamptons Builder Pack

  • 6 Hamptons internal and external paint colours, images, by brand, name, and where to buy
  • Taps, toilets, sinks, basins, showers and a bath, colour or finish, images, by brand, and where to buy
  • Interior Designer quality specification sheets for your builder
  • BONUS FREE Little Black Book of Renovating e-book
  • BONUS FREE Bathroom and Kitchens Checklist

What happens next?

You will receive an email to download the pdf that contains your taps, toilets, showers, sinks, basins, bench top, paint colours and your window selection.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we will give you a 100%, no-questions asked refund. Totally Risk Free Investment.

PLUS you get the special BONUSES of

  • The Little Black Book of Renovating and
  • The Bathroom and Kitchens Checklist


Little Black Book of Renovating
Value $2,500


Bathroom and Kitchen Checklist
Value $2,500


So go ahead and get the myHamptons builder pack right now.

Create the Hamptons style you deserve, effortlessly


What if I don't like a colour or item, can I change it?

Of course! You can select something different, it is your home after all!

What if I can't download the pack?

Never fear, we will send you an email with a downloadable link as soon as you buy the pack. If that doesn't work, simply email with the subject line "Downloadable link required" and we will send you one asap.

How do I know this pack is suitable for my home?

This pack is ultimately a pack of selections based in a neutral palette with a classic twist. That's what Hamptons is all about. A lot of white and some nods to architectural details often not found in modern homes. You can add colour to your home if that's what you like and this pack will still fit perfectly if you like a neutral palette. If you love Hamptons style, this pack is definitely suitable for your home. If you love Coastal style then this is suitable for your home.

Can I get everything locally?

If you live in Melbourne Australia, then definitely yes! All of our suppliers are Australian National suppliers so you should be able to source everything if you're in another part of Australia. If you can't get it for some reason, your local suppliers will have similar products you can use. Simply show them images of the items in the pack that you like and they will be able to give you an alternative.

I live internationally, where do I buy everything?

You can still buy from the Australian suppliers, simply log on to their website and purchase!

myHamptons Builder pack

You are just moments away from having the Hamptons sanctuary you deserve